Who We Are

Southern Sudan Humanitarian is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to help the people of southern Sudan rebuild their communities and schools after more than two decades of civil war.

Our Ideology
SSH ideology is embodied in two statements:

1. Education is a key to significantly improving survival, living standards, economic growth, and self-reliance.

2. The key to a society’s success is strong communities.

Our Projects
Building and maintaining schools for children who are in desperate need is only part of what we do. Our work involving schools includes projects that accommodate basic human needs:

clean water
health care
orphan care
successful agriculture
means for income

Our Volunteers and Local Partnerships
Southern Sudan Humanitarian (SSH) partners with the people of southern Sudan to help them obtain the things they need for a healthy and productive life.

Our work is managed and implemented by volunteers who are typically residents of southern Sudan, southern Sudanese refugees living in the US, or native US residents. We especially ensure that all work is culturally appropriate and relevant to the people of southern Sudan.

Our Values
The core values of SSH stand to guide us in fulfilling our purpose of building communities around schools.

SERVICE toward others. Not only do SSH volunteers embody the commitment to serve the Sudanese in villages of southern Sudan, but we also hope to encourage community members to be service minded in strengthening and helping each other.

EDUCATION for young and old. Education is the key to societal peace and economic growth. It is also a key to building human dignity and happiness, which consequently contribute to peace and economic growth as well.

SELF-RELIANCE for individual and community. Self-reliant individuals create self-reliant communities and eventually a nation that can stand on its own with pride.

FAITH in God and in oneself. Members of SSH are motivated by faith.  We encourage those we serve to recognize their worth and to live their personal beliefs.