What We Do


We build schools and hire teachers in areas where there is no local education opportunity for orphans and other children in southern Sudan. We also provide meals for students in some of these schools, with the assistance of local volunteers.


Southern Sudan Humanitarian (SSH) is implementing a program in southern Sudan that empowers families to raise their family income, have a clean water supply, and improve their nutrition. Improving these factors saves many young children from dying before they reach 5 years of age. We refer to this as a family agri-business. SSH is the mentor organization that provides training and microcredit to water-technician entrepreneurs and family agri-businesses. SSH uses a simple, low-cost system of pumps and wells that can be installed by the technicians and the families they help to provide a sufficient supply of water to grow crops during the dry season, crops that can be sold in local markets. The revenue from selling the crops raises the family income and makes for prosperous water-technician entrepreneurs. The wells and pumps also provide a convenient, ample supply of clean water for the family for drinking, cooking, washing, and bathing. This simple but effective technology has been used successfully in locations in South American and Africa for many years. The agri-business is self-sustaining because of the economic success of the families and entrepreneurs.


During 2008 we sent funding to alleviate starvation in the eastern part of southern Sudan. Our local agents purchased food in Ethiopia and shipped it to an area where crops had failed due to flooding. Distribution was made by local churches that had asked for our help.


We send funds to purchase antimalarial and antibacterial drugs for the Akobo, Sudan, hospital. The hospital pharmacist makes the purchases in nearby Ethiopia to supplement short supplies in Sudan.


We provide funds to assist needy populations with purchases such as fishing equipment, grinding machines, satellite phones, clothing, shoes, and soap so that they may improve their health and self-reliance.