Message from Kate from the Canyon Rim Academy.

by claron. 1 Comment

Hello! My name is Kate! From CRA and that stands for Canyon Rim Academy! My school is trying to help you. And when I grow up I’m going to come to South Sudan to help. In fact we are so worried about you that we started a fundraiser to help you! Hang in there and when I come to Africa I’ll make a big difference!



One Response to Message from Kate from the Canyon Rim Academy.

  1. claron says:

    Hi Kate,

    We received a reply from Akobo from Thomas Thok who is the teacher that uses the internet. He walks 45 minutes from the school to an NGO office where he can access the internet.

    All the best, Claron Twitchell

    Thomas replies:


    We are happy for your words, Let God our Heavenly Father bless and protect you from all kinds of enemy both body & Spiritual, that you might grow and fullfill all you promised for us.

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